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Food Safety for Industry

Soft Drink/Bottled Water and Ice Plant Inspections

The photo shows bottled water being processed through machinery.Soft Drinks and Bottled Water

DHEC inspects facilities that manufacture and bottle soft drinks in South Carolina for sanitation and safe handling procedures.

We also inspect facilities that manufacture and package bottled water. We run lab tests to check the safety of the source water used by these companies to make their products.

See Regulation 61-32, Soft Drink and Water Bottling Plants (pdf) for more information.

Ice Plants

DHEC also regulates the commercial production and distribution of ice, since ice served at South Carolina food establishments can cause foodborne illness just like food or drinks can.

See Regulation 61-54, Wholesale Commercial Ice Manufacturing (pdf) for more information.

Contact staff for soft drink, bottled water and ice plant inspections at (803) 896-0644.