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Land & Waste Management

Welcome to the SOUTH CAROLINA MATERIALS EXCHANGE , a free service that seeks to reduce waste by facilitating the exchange of reusable materials by businesses, non-profit institutions and government.

The SOUTH CAROLINA MATERIALS EXCHANGE serves as a "matchmaking service" that provides users access to information on materials available or wanted. The benefits of using a materials exchange may include:

  • finding valuable materials for free or less than the cost of new materials;
  • reducing waste disposal costs;
  • selling surplus materials for profit;
  • conserving natural resources; and
  • demonstrating your environmental responsibility to others.

This section provides
searchable listings of materials
available for your use.

This section provides
searchable listings of materials
other users want.

This section allows you to
submit a listing for the material(s)
you have available or want.

If you have any questions about using the SOUTH CAROLINA MATERIALS EXCHANGE, call 1-800-768-7348

For more information please contact the Bureau of Land & Waste Management at (803) 898-2000 or visit our offices (note new location).