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Education Programs
Action for a Cleaner Tomorrow Action in the Classroom Green Driver Project Green Steps Schools Other Resources

Education is a priority of DHEC's Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling (Office). It provides several centerpiece education programs.


'Action for a cleaner tomorrow'

"Action for a cleaner tomorrow: A South Carolina Environmental Curriculum Supplement" ("Action") is a national award-winning kindergarten through eighth-grade, activity-based, interdisciplinary curriculum supplement. Developed by teachers and the Office in conjunction with the S.C. Department of Education and others, "Action" can serve as a starting place for introducing basic environmental education in the classroom.

The curriculum supplement is correlated to the state's science standards. "Action" is available only as part of a FREE three-hour training provided by the Office. Contact the Office to organize a training.

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Action in the Classroom

"Action in the Classroom for Fifth-grade" talks "trash" with fifth-grade students and provides an overview of recycling in South Carolina.

The basics of what happens when you throw something away, and 3 R's -- reduce, reuse and recycle -- are covered, as well as buy recycled.

"Action in the Classroom for Seventh-grade" leads seventh-grade students into identifying and conserving natural resources, groundwater and energy and gives an overview of recycling in South Carolina.

From investigating what we throw away to thinking about how we can save renewable and non-renewable resources, students are given practical, hands-on lessons to help them get the facts they need to think for themselves, form opinions, make decisions and take action.

"Action in the Classroom for High School Environmental Science" provides South Carolina-specific support to the environmental science high school course curriculum focusing on relevant environmental issues -- including solid waste (reduction and recycling), air and water.

Contact the Office to have "Action in the classroom" come to your fifth-grade, seventh-grade or high school class.

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Action in the Classroom for 7th

Action in the Classroom for 7th



The Green Driver Project

The Green Driver Project targets students in high school driver education classes and provides an overview of the environmental impact of driving -- lessons that will last a lifetime.

Students learn the importance of used oil recycling, related air, water and energy issues regarding the proper maintenance of their vehicles, litter prevention and safety through "DHEC1: Behind the Oil Change."

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Green Driver Project: ROADS Scholar


Green Steps Schools

The Green Steps Schools is an environmental education initiative that encourages individual schools to take annual steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible. Schools are assisted by a statewide network of mentors and share their results with other schools.

Green Step Schools was established in 2003 with Keep the Midlands Beautiful, Sonoco Recycling and the Office as part of the S.C. Resource Conservation Challenge. Learn more about Green Steps.

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Other Resources

The "Take Action: Recycle Used Motor Oil Tool Kit" is designed for teachers to introduce used motor oil recycling into the classroom. For teachers who have received a grant through the Office's Recycling Education Grant Program, any of the activities or lessons provided in this tool kit can be used to meet the used motor oil awareness requirement.

Environmental Education Videos were developed by the Office and other DHEC Environmental Outreach Programs. Visit the Teachers & Students Page to learn more about the videos and how to receive a copy. 

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