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Why go green?   
South Carolina's hospitality industry is a large consumer. Each facility purchases goods and services, creates and disposes of waste, uses energy and water, and, just like any individual, leaves an environmental footprint. Through its sheer size, the hospitality industry has a huge impact not only on South Carolina’s economy, but on the state’s environment.

There are many benefits to a green facility:

  • Reduce environmental impact. Your facility as part of South Carolina’s hospitality industry can take a leadership role in conserving natural resources, saving energy, reducing pollution and helping to protect the state’s environment.
  • Lower operating costs. Waste reduction, reuse and recycling may help your facility reduce disposal costs. Energy–saving measures along with water-saving equipment and practices save money. Some green purchasing practices help cut costs, too.
  • Increase competitiveness. Research shows that more consumers are considering environmental issues when making travel plans and purchases. Green practices will enhance the marketability of your facility as an environmentally friendly business.
  • Protect human health. Green cleaning supplies help protect staff and guests, protect air quality and reduce the amount of hazardous material that must be managed. Waste reduction and recycling also help to prevent pollution.
  • Earn recognition. DHEC's Green Hospitality Program can help green hotels, motels and restaurants share success stories, promote their efforts to consumers and be recognized at an annual awards program.

Make a difference. Go green today.


For more information, call DHEC's Green Hospitality Program at 1-800-768-7348 or e-mail the program.

This Web page was last updated on March 26, 2012.