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The Recycle Guys welcome you!

R-E-C-Y-C-L-E…it begins with you and me! Sound familiar? We hope it does.

Many of the materials (e.g., videos, posters, coloring books, activity books) feature The Recycle Guys. Created by the Office, the Recycle Guys also star on television and radio as well as billboards and videos, spreading the word on recycling.

The Recycle Guys campaign was introduced in 1997 and is now used in more than 10 states and numerous municipal programs throughout the country.

With the idea it is never too early to learn about recycling, this page includes activity pages, coloring books, videos, music and posters as well as links to other Kids' Pages for younger recyclers. All of the resources and materials on this page feature the Recycle Guys.

Just who are they? The Recycle Guys, born in South Carolina, are the stars of a public awareness campaign spreads the word on recycling.

The Guys appear on public service announcements (PSAs) on both television and radio, on billboards and in videos, in activity and coloring books, and on posters and other printed materials. Many states, counties and cities have adopted the Recycle Guys.

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Great for the classroom, cafeteria or anywhere else, these posters, starring the Recycle Guys, get the word out and reinforce the recycling message. Visit our gallery. Click on your favorite to print a poster or call the Office at 1-800-768-7348 for copies. Most posters are available upon request in limited quantities, however, some are out of print.

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Television Spots and Videos

The Recycle Guys are television stars. To watch them sing, dance and spread the word about recycling, check out their PSAs.


Activity and Coloring Books

These publications are a fun way to learn about recycling. Select a title to view a copy of each book.


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Puzzles, Coloring Pages and Fact Sheets

Here are some fun pages with things to color, games to play and recycling information to use at home and school. Select the image to open and print each page. Please note that some pages are double-sided.

Chasing Arrows Page Recycling On the Go Page Recycling Superhero Page Find Oil Guy Page What to Recycle Page

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Trading Cards

Check out these trading cards featuring the Recycle Guys! Most include a fun fact and/or a recycling tip. View a larger image of each card by selecting it. Print the complete set and share with your friends.

Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4 Card 5 Card 6 Card 7
Card 8 Card 9 Card 10 Card 11 Card 12 Card 14 Card 15


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More Kids' Recycling Web Pages

Here are a few links to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Kid's Recycling Web Pages. Links also are provided to other environmental and recycling Web sites that you can visit.


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This Web page was last updated on September 19, 2013.