AVX Site - Community Involvement

In an ongoing effort to inform the community near AVX in Myrtle Beach, DHEC provides an update to the citizens on our mailing list who have expressed interest. These updates include information from DHEC's three program areas (Air Quality, Land & Waste Management, and Water Quality), as well as other AVX news that DHEC has to share.

DHEC would like to continue to share information and discuss concerns about AVX in Myrtle Beach with the surrounding communities. We would also like you to tell us how we can communicate with you more effectively. DHEC typically does this through availability sessions, informal public meetings, or by updates such as these below. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us by contacting Richelle Tolton , Community Liaison, at (843) 953-0173 with additional information.

Community Meeting - March 14, 2013

This meeting was held to update the community on the proposed air (Title V) & water (NPDES) renewal permits and the progress of the groundwater clean-up. There were three brief presentations and time for questions and answers. Below are the three presentations:

Community Updates


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