Overview, History

As early as 1953, the former Aerovox Corporation began operations at 801 17th Avenue South, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Currently that site houses its subsidiary corporation, AVX Corporation. Since 1972, AVX has manufactured a variety of ceramic capacitors and electronic components at its Myrtle Beach facility. The components manufactured at this facility are used in the automotive, medical and consumer electronics industries. This facility also conducts research and development of new products, materials and processes.

Groundwater Contamination Confirmed

DHEC has confirmed that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present in groundwater beneath the AVX Myrtle Beach property and that contaminated groundwater has migrated to other properties around the facility. The contaminated groundwater is controlled from further movement off-property by two extraction wells. These wells pump groundwater to the surface where it is processed through a treatment system to remove the VOCs.

The contaminated groundwater that has migrated off the facility property is being treated by a system that injects molasses into the ground. This process accelerates the breakdown of the VOCs into non-hazardous, naturally occurring components that are not harmful to human health or the environment. DHEC will continue to monitor the effectiveness and progress of all groundwater cleanup related to the AVX Myrtle Beach site.

Here you can find information on the groundwater cleanup activities being conducted at this site.

Recent Activities

Progress reports on Feasibility Study (2009-2011)

ARCADIS (consultant for AVX) provides DHEC with updates on their activities for the AVX site.




Earlier information on the site clean-up


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