Philip Services Corporation (PSC) Site – DHEC's Assessment

In 2004, DHEC initiated a Remedial Investigation consisting of several phases of soil and groundwater investigation to determine the source, nature, and extent of contamination. The Remedial Investigation (RI) Report was completed in September 2008. The Remedial Investigation identified four distinct areas of soil and groundwater contamination (described below). A Feasibility Study (FS) , which evaluated cleanup alternatives, was completed in July 2011.

Soil Contamination

Soil Area #1 --Warehouse (Drum Storage and Management) Area . This area is located on the northern end of the warehouse and includes the former East Drum Storage, Drum Receiving, and Drum Packaging Areas. Only chlorinated ethene and ethane (CEE) compounds were detected above EPA's Soil Screening Levels/Preliminary Remedial Goals (SSL/PRG) screening criteria in this area.

Soil Area #2 -- Incinerator /Drum Repackaging Area . This area includes both the southern end of the Warehouse (Drum Repackaging and Fire Area) and the former Incinerator Area southeast of the Warehouse. Numerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene (BTEX), chlorinated benzenes (CB), and CEE compounds, were detected above screening criteria. The highest sitewide concentrations were detected in this area.

Soil Area #3 --Solvent Ditch Area. The former Solvent Ditch Area is also located southeast of the former Blend Tanks Overflow Area. BTEX and CEE compounds were detected above screening criteria in this area.

Soil Area #4 --South Drum Storage Area. This area is the furthest southeast on the Site and, although it did not include any previously identified solid waste management units (SWMUs), this area is adjacent to the former stormwater pond and a former Drum Storage Area. BTEX and CEE compounds were detected above screening criteria in this area.

Groundwater Contamination

GW Area # 1 --Incinerator/Drum Repackaging Area . The Incinerator Area included the highest concentrations of CB compounds in regolith (shallow) groundwater.

GW Area #2 --Solvent Ditch Area . Groundwater in the Solvent Ditch Area contains the highest concentrations of chlorinated ethenes in regolith, and the highest concentrations of all three VOC classes detected in bedrock. This area extends into the North Drum Storage location.

GW Area #3 --Burn Pits. A removal action previously occurred in this area in 1983. Stable concentrations indicate the likelihood of remaining source material. Additional characterization will be performed prior to the Remedial Design.

GW Area #4 --Fuel Oil Area. Free product is present in this location.

The figure below identifies the locations of the Areas of Concern.