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Remedial action objectives are designed to meet regulatory requirements and to protect human health and the environment. The objectives are established by considering the nature and extent of contamination, the potential exposure pathways, and the location and sensitivity of potential receptors.

Based on the results of DHEC's Remedial Investigation, the following remedial action objectives were developed:

  • Minimize potential for human contact with contaminants of concern (COCs) in soil.
  • Minimize future releases of COCs from soil to groundwater and from groundwater to surface water.
  • Maintain surface water quality at regulatory criteria.
  • Prevent human exposure to groundwater having concentrations in excess of drinking water standards.
  • Meet groundwater remedial goals at monitoring wells (to be established during remedial design) located immediately upgradient of Wildcat Creek.
  • Restore groundwater to drinking water standards.
  • Prevent future releases of COCs from soil and groundwater to indoor air.

Cleanup Alternatives

DHEC evaluated various alternatives for cleaning up the soil and groundwater contamination (see, Feasibility Study dated July 1, 2011).  The alternatives were evaluated based on the following seven criteria:

  • Protection of human health and the environment,
  • Compliance with applicable or relevant and appropriate requirements,
  • Reduction of contaminant mass, volume, and toxicity by treatment,
  • Short-term effectiveness,
  • Long-term effectiveness,
  • Implementability, and
  • Cost.

DHEC will also consider community acceptance of the proposed remedy during the public comment period. DHEC invites you to review the Proposed Plan for a summary of the Remedial Investigation and a detailed discussion of alternatives considered.

Combo Groundwater & Soil Alternatives Evaluation Summary


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