Don't Waste Food SC: Households

Households are responsible for about 43% of all food waste in the US – more than any other part of the food chain. Each of us throws away about 20 pounds of food per month – or an estimated 240 pounds per year.

When we throw away food, we also waste our money – about $1800 per year for a family of four – and the labor, water, energy and fuel used to produce, package and transport food from the farm to our plates. 

Download: A Guide for Reducing Food Waste at Home

Quick tips to prevent & reduce food waste at home:

  1. Plan your meals. See what you have to use at home first. 
  2. Shop smart. Make a list, stick to it. Printable Shopping List
  3. Prep smart and store smart. Prepare perishable food soon after shopping or do meal prepping. Freeze items to keep fresh. Do the FIFO: first in, first out. 
  4. Don’t fall for date labels. Food does not magically spoil on that date. Product Dating Info
  5. Love your leftovers. Ask for a doggie bag. Be creative to make new meals with leftovers. Get ideas from:, and
  6. Buy directly from local farmers. You'll get fresher food and keep your dollars in the community.  Where to Buy Local in SC
  7. Donate non-perishable items. One in seven South Carolinian's is food insecure. Feeding the Carolinas Foodbanks
  8. Compost. It involves a little effort and some equipment but can reduce the amount of waste you make, save you money and provide you with a valuable product. Composting Info

Other Helpful Resources: 

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