CodeRED Alert System

What is CodeRED?

The S.C. DHEC Dam Safety Program has contracted with OnSolve to utilize their CodeRED emergency notification tool. CodeRED allows the Dam Safety Program to quickly message all owners and operators of regulated dams. These messages can be sent selectively to specific dams, groups of dams by County or Hazard Class, or comprehensively to all dams across the state. The Dam Safety Program uses CodeRED to send out alerts by phone, text, and e-mail. 

New in 2019, we now can offer new and existing contacts a way to update their CodeRED contact preferences! Contacts can now indicate whether they would prefer alerts by phone, text, e-mail, or any combination of the three.

When is CodeRED used and how often will I get alerts?

DHEC uses CodeRED to alert dam owners and operators when it determines a potential threat to State-regulated dams may be developing or has occurred. This may include intense rainfall events, flooding, earthquakes, or forecasts for extreme winds that might topple trees on dams.
The CodeRED system has been in-use by the Dam Safety Program since 2016, with the most calls being issued in the days before and after a hurricane is forecast to significantly impact South Carolina.
During each tropical weather event, the Dam Safety Program has used a CodeRED call to alert owners to the following:

  • Before a storm, owners should assess their dams and evaluate the water levels of their pond, lake, or reservoir. Owners should determine whether the level should be lowered if it is safe to do so.
  • To make owners aware that DHEC staff may be visiting their dam in the aftermath of a storm, and to request owners contact the department if there are circumstances that would prevent access to the dam.
  • To make owners aware of emergency orders issued by the Governor related to dams.

The Program also periodically sends out “Test Alerts” to all CodeRED contacts to test the system and request owners verify that the contact information we have for our CodeRED system is current. These “Test Alerts” are typically sent annually, near the start of hurricane season.

How to Opt-In to CodeRED, or Update Your Contact Information

If you are an owner or operator of a state-regulated dam and would like to update your contact information for CodeRED or change how we send you alerts in the system, please click to fill out the Dam Safety Contact Update Tool.

If you have any difficulties with the Contact Update Form, or have other issues with the CodeRED system, please send us an e-mail and provide us the information below:

  • Your Full Name and/or Organization
  • The Dam Number of any dams you own or represent.
  • Please indicate whether you are an:
    • Dam Owner or Owner Representative
    • Operator
  • And any provide any contact information you would like to update in the system.
    • A cell phone network provider (e.g., AT&T, Verizon) is required if you would like to receive SMS alerts.
  • Or, call Dam Safety Program staff Monday through Friday by phone at: 803-898-4050

Currently Limited To Dam Owners and Operators

Because we have a limited number of contacts in CodeRED available under our contract with OnSolve, this system is currently limited to contacting only regulated dam owners or their representatives and dam operators. Unfortunately, this means the downstream property owners and non-regulated dam owners cannot register to receive CodeRED dam safety alerts and notifications at this time.

The Dam Safety Program and S.C. DHEC will also typically issue press releases and post to Facebook in the event of a significant dam safety development.


CodeRED Dams & Reservoirs