Fees: Public Water Systems

In order to comply with the provisions of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, SC DHEC is authorized to collect a fee from each public water system based on the number of taps through which the system provides water to its customers.


General Information

  • The fees collected must bereturned to SC DHEC for the purposes of implementing the Safe DrinkingWater Act Regulatory Program. The fees are used to provide for engineeringplan review, compliance inspections, and enforcement activities. Additionally, technical assistance, water quality monitoring andlaboratory analytical services are also provided for public water systems.

Billing Information

Penalty Information

  • All fees remaining unpaid thirty (30) days after billing will be issued a late notice with no penaltydue, however, it will contain advisement of penalty for non-payment aftersixty (60) days. Fees remaining unpaid after sixty days will beassessed a ten percent (10%) penalty. Fees remaining unpaid at theend of ninety (90) days will be assessed a twenty-five percent (25%)penalty in addition to the sixty day penalty. The sum of bothpenalties may not exceed five thousand dollars. Persons delinquent under this paragraph will be notified by the SC DHEC Bureau of Water bycertified mail at their last known address.
  • All returned checks will besubject to a returned check fee as outlined in the DHEC AdministrativePolicy and Procedures Manual. This penalty will be in addition tothose outlined in the above paragraph.
  • No monitoring will be conducted onsystems with fees unpaid at the end of ninety (90) days.

Summary of SDWA Fee Services

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