Facility Closures

Facility Closures

Facilities that have been closed for two years or less may renew operations without applying for a new permit and without notifying the Department. Facilities that have been closed for more than two years but less than five must notify the Department that they wish to renew operations. The Department must review the existing permit and modify the operating conditions as necessary prior to the facility starting back up. Facilities that are have been inactive for five or more years must be properly closed out. Closeout Reports

Regulation 61-82 governs closeouts of wastewater facilities. Wastewater facilities include agricultural facilities. This regulation is not prescriptive and offers a lot of flexibility to facilities on how they may be properly closed. The regulation requires submittal of a closeout report to the Department. A guidance document entitled, Closeout of Wastewater Treatment Facilities is available and it explains the administrative process to be followed when closing out a facility. Also, the Department has developed "Recommended Closeout Methods" for agricultural lagoons and storage ponds. Please click here to go to the Recommended Closeout Methods for agricultural lagoons and storage ponds.

The close out report must outline the steps that will taken to close the facility. These steps must include the removal and proper disposal of the manure at the facility. For lagoon systems, the report also must address how the lagoon will be closed.

Once a closeout report has been approved by the Department, the facility may be closed out. After the closeout is completed, the farmer must have the appropriate EQC Regional Office conduct an inspection to verify the facility has been properly closed. If the facility has been properly closed, a letter of final closeout completion will be sent to the farmer.


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