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Drinking Water Compliance Monitoring

Public Notification

Public water systems must notify their customers when they violate EPA or state drinking water regulations (including monitoring requirements) or otherwise provide drinking water that may pose a risk to consumer’s health.

Notices must contain:

  • A description of the violation or situation
  • When the violation or situation occurred
  • Potential health effects
  • The population at risk
  • Whether alternate water supplies should be used
  • Actions consumers should take
  • What is being done to correct the violation or situation
  • When the system expects to return to compliance
  • Name, phone number, and business address for more information
  • Standard distribution language

Tier 1 Public Notice - Required within 24 hours
Tier 2 Public Notice – Required within 30 days
Tier 3 Public Notice – Required within 1 year


R.61-58 State Primary Drinking Water Regulations
. – see R.61-58.6 – Reports, Record Retention and Public Notification of Drinking Water Violations


Public Notification (PN) - EPA – Basic information regarding Public Notice, the Public Notice Rule, and compliance help.

The Public Notification Rule: A Quick Reference Guide - EPA – a quick reference guide to Public Notice including an example.

Revised Public Notification Handbook – 2nd Revision of Document: EPA 816-R-09-013, March 2010 .


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