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Residential Well Program

Assistance and Technical Support

The Private Well Program can provide technical support concerning well construction and well remediation. Should a situation arise during installation or completion of a well that has not been encountered, either the drillers or inspectors can describe the situation and solutions will be researched. If compliance with the construction regulations is not possible, staff can issue a variance as long as it is equally protective to the aquifer. This staff person is also available to provide expertise should disagreements concerning well construction arise and should questions arise concerning enforcement cases.

Water Quality Testing

An additional service provided by the Private Well Program and the EQC Laboratories is analytical testing of water from residential wells. Although the aquifers are generally free of harmful bacteria, the drilling process can bring bacteria down the borehole. After construction of the well is completed, the well is to be disinfected. However, through time the homeowner may notice a difference in the taste or odor of their water.

The homeowner can deliver samples to their local SCDHEC office and have analyses done for bacteria, and metals and minerals (fees charged). Results of the testing are mailed to the well owner along with an explanation of the results.

If warranted, a telephone call is made to the well owner to recommend actions such as well disinfection or inspection. Finally, staff can provide water treatment system alternatives if that option is most appropriate.

If the situation requires immediate attention, the local EQC Regional Office can be contacted for a quick response. As the quality of one's drinking water is a primary factor in enjoying a higher quality of life, customer service is the top priority of the program.

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