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Saluda River Basin

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 SCDHEC’s Saluda River Basin is subdivided into 18 watersheds or hydrologic units within South Carolina, which include the Saluda River Basin and the Congaree River Basin. The Saluda River Basin is subdivided into 14 watersheds and includes the North and South Saluda Rivers, the Saluda River, the Reedy River, Rabon Creek, Ninety Six Creek, Lake Greenwood, the Little River, the Little Saluda River, Clouds Creek, and Lake Murray. The Congaree River Basin is subdivided into 4 watersheds and includes Congaree Creek, Gills Creek, and the Congaree River. The Saluda River and the Broad River join to form the Congaree River. The Broad River Basin will be updated in year 5 of the basin cycle.

Watershed Water Quality Assessment (WWQA). 

WWQA document describes a wealth of information about the basins, including: water chemistry information, biological monitoring information, physical characteristics, natural resources, growth potential, potential nonpoint source contributions, and point source discharges. This information is presented through text and maps in these documents.  Download the Complete Basin Publicationadobe pdf icon here.

Archived Watershed Water Quality Assessments (1995, 1998, 2004)

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