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State Revolving Fund
State Revolving Fund

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Reports and Publications


  • DHEC Form 3561
  • DHEC Form 3463
DWSRF Project Questionnaire
  • DHEC Form 1970
Construction Permit Application
  • DHEC Form 3589
Project Construction Summary
  • DHEC Form 1295
Project Construction Summary - Recycled Funds
  • EPA Form 4700-4
Preaward Compliance Review Report for All Applicants Requesting Federal Financial Assistance
  • DHEC Form 3594
Certification Regarding Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970
  • DHEC Form 3591
Prime Contractor's Subagreement Certification
  • DHEC Form 2323
Equal Employment Opportunity Documentation Form
  • EPA Form 6100-2
DBE Subcontractor Participation Form
  • EPA Form 6100-3
DBE Subcontractor Performance Form
  • EPA Form 6100-4
DBE Program Subcontractor Utilization Form
  • EPA Form 5700-52A
MBE/WBE Utilization Under Federal Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and Interagency Agreements
  • DHEC Form 3592
Certification of Proposed Prime or Subcontractor Regarding Equal Employment Opportunity
  • DHEC Form 3590
Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters
  • DHEC Form 3585
Draw Request Form (fillable)
  • DHEC Form 3586
Official Designation and Signature Form
  • DHEC Form 3587
Monthly Construction Inspection Report
  • DHEC Form 3588
Schedule for Construction
  • DHEC Form 2324
Project Inspection Designation Form
  • DHEC Form 2553
Land Acquisition for CWSRF Funding
  • DHEC Form 2554
Land Acquisition for DWSRF Funding
  • DHEC Form 2555
ARRA Project Construction Summary
  • DHEC Form 2556
Bidder's "Buy American" Certification
  • DHEC Form 2557
Project Sponsor's Davis-Bacon Certification
  • DHEC Form 2559
ARRA Construction "Only" Loan Draw Request Form
  • DHEC Form 2560
Principal Forgiveness Draw Request Form
  • DHEC Form 0574
Utility Sustainability Assessment Bureau of Water State Revolving Fund Program
  • DHEC Form 0574i
Instructions for Completing for DHEC 0574 Utility Sustainability Assessment (UtSA)