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New! The Reissued Construction General Permit Effective January 1, 2013. For more information, such as Revised Applications, Presentations, Guidance, and Templates, please visit the New Resources Page.

Bureau of Water – Stormwater Permitting
Stormwater Permitting

Stormwater Permitting

Learn the procedures and applicability of South Carolina Stormwater NPDES Program.

Pollution Prevention

Technical Documents

Improve your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan through the use of important design aids.

Stormwater Basic

Applications & Forms

Acquire all necessary applications used to obtain your Stormwater NPDES coverage.

Guidance & Documents

Waters of the State

Information on Waters of the State and how they may affect your project.

Stormwater Permitting

Pollution Prevention

Quick and easy tips on how to prevent stormwater associated pollution.

Stormwater Permitting

Stormwater Regulations

Background information on local, state and federal regulations in respect to stormwater control.

Stormwater Permitting

Stormwater Links

Various Links that may help answer stormwater related questions.

Educational Resources

Construction Activities

Information on land disturbing activities that require NPDES Stormwater Coverage.

Regulatory Compliance

Industrial Activities

Information for facilities that discharge stormwater and the associated NPDES Coverage.

Floodplains & Waterways

MS4 Resources

Information on and for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s).

Important Links

Expedited Reviews

Need your NPDES permit coverage quick? Check out SC DHEC’s expedited review process.

Stormwater Permitting

Permit Modifications

Information on modifications to approved Stormwater Management Plans.

Stormwater Permitting

Where to Apply

Information on where to apply for Stormwater NPDES coverage.

Stormwater Permitting

Stormwater Contacts

A list of contacts of the Bureau of Water’s Stormwater Staff.


Bureau of Water . Phone: (803) 898-4300 . Fax: (803) 898-3795 .