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Triennial Review of 
S.C. Regulation 61-68 (Water Classifications Standards)

Amendment of S.C. Regulation 61-69 (Classified Waters)


S.C. Regulation 61-68 is South Carolina’s water quality standards regulation.  This regulation provides a system and rules for managing and protecting the quality of South Carolina’s surface and ground waters.  It establishes the State’s official classified water uses for all waters of the State, its general rules and specific narrative and numeric criteria for protecting those classified and existing beneficial water uses, and antidegradation rules for protecting and maintaining water quality.  Section 303(c)(2)(B) of the Federal Clean Water Act (CWA) requires that the State review and amend, as necessary, its water quality standards at least once every three years in order to incorporate the latest Federal criteria recommendations and policies. Therefore, this water quality standards review process is referred to as the triennial review. R.61-68 was last amended on April 25, 2008. 

In accordance with the S.C. Administrative Procedures Act (APA), the Department has begun the promulgation process for review and potential revision of S.C. Regulation 61-68.  The Department has also made the decision to amend S.C. Regulation 61-69, Classified Waters.  This regulation is a compilation of the State’s listed waters, their counties and site description of their locations, classifications and designations, and any applicable site-specific criteria for that listed waterbody.  The Department intends to correct errors which have occurred over time and also to list any recent Department and EPA approved recalculations for site-specific criteria to listed waterbodies which were performed utilizing codified methodologies as noted in R.61-68.E.14.c.7.

Notice of Drafting

The Notice of Drafting for both regulations was published in the State Register on Friday, March 26, 2010.  Please note the closing date for the public comment period is April 26, 2010

Comments Received from Notice of Drafting (2)

Additional Comments and Suggestions

EPA Comments

Notice of Proposed Regulation for S.C. Regulation 61-68,
Water Classifications and Standards 

Document No. 4161

  • Automatic approval by S.C. Legislature on January 24, 2012. See State Register on February 24, 2012.

Federal Criterion Documents and Information

Other information

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