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In order to strengthen relationships with the community and gather a better understanding of their concerns, DHEC hosted a community meeting on the City of Denmark's Public Water System on April 5, 2018. This meeting brought together citizens, customers, town leaders and statewide resources from government and professional partnering organizations to:

  • Share information on the City of Denmark's drinking water and DHEC's role with public water systems;
  • Introduce partnering organizations that may provide additional resources or expertise to your water system;
  • Hear customer experiences and perspectives on the drinking water; and
  • Determine next steps.

During this meeting, DHEC committed to the following and continues to work to:

  1. Test individual homes where homeowners have expressed their concerns about water quality;
  2. Conduct additional testing of the four public water system wells in partnership with the University of South Carolina, the SC Rural Water Associaton, and the Edisto Riverkeeper;
  3. Coordinate with Bamberg School District Two to sample the water in the elementary and middle schools for lead;
  4. Provide updates and share information.

The following resources were shared during the meeting:

To ensure an open and transparent examination of water quality in Denmark, DHEC engaged partners to conduct a special study to address the questions raised during the community meeting. DHEC currently is working with the partners below to gather data and determine a path forward.

Partners in our effort include the State Drinking Water Technical Advisory Council, the SC Rural Water Association, the SC Section of the American Waterworks Association and nonprofit and academic partners. Other local resources such as the Edisto Riverkeeper have been engaged in discussions, information sharing, and community efforts.

Citizens are also a vital partner in this process. Community members can identify potential sources of lead in their drinking water and reduce exposure. DHEC encourages residents of Denmark to report concerns regarding drinking water quality to DHEC's Orangeburg office.

The document below shows the roles that all partners play.

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Any citizen who would like to share concerns about water quality and/or request sampling in his/her home is asked to contact our DHEC Regional Office in Orangeburg.

DHEC Orangeburg Regional Office
1550 Carolina Ave.
Orangeburg, SC 29116
(803) 533-5490

This webpage will continue to be updated with new information as it becomes available.


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