TMDLs Under Development

Commencement of TMDLs

Development of a total maximum daily load(s) or Alternative Restoration Plan(s) are currently underway for the area(s) listed in the table below. Please send any data or information that supports the development of the TMDL or alternative restoration plan to Wade Cantrell . All data and information submitted, including characterizations of local conditions that affect attainment of water quality standards, shall be considered before completing the TMDL or alternative restoration plan.

Waterbody County(ies) Parameter Water Quality Monitoring Sites Date of Commencement
Central Midlands/3 Rivers Lexington, Richland Fecal Coliform/E. coli CSB-001L, CSB-001R, B-080, C-070, S-298 09/25/2008
Coosawhatchie River and Tributaries Allendale, Hampton Fecal Coliform/E. coli CSTL-110, CSTL-121, RS-03360 05/18/2017
James Island Creek Charleston Enterococci JIC1, JIC2, RT-052098 06/01/2016
Lower Catawba Basin
  1. Cedar Creek Reservoir
  2. Fishing Creek Reservoir
  3. Great Falls Reservoir
  4. Lake Wateree.
Chester, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lancaster, York CHLA, PH, TN, TP Numerous SCDHEC Water Quality Sites Impaired for one or more nutrient-related parameter Prior to 05/20/2005
McAlpine Creek and Sugar Creek York E. coli CW-036, CW-064 06/01/2016
Pudding Swamp and Tributaries Clarendon, Florence, Sumter, Williamsburg Fecal Coliform/E. coli PD-203, RS-05557, RS-11027, RS-12091 11/01/2017
Reedy River Greenville, Laurens Fecal Coliform/E. coli S-013, S-018, S-021, S-067, S-070, S-072, S-073, S-091, S-178, S-264, S-319, S-323 Prior to 11/21/2006
Reedy River Greenville, Laurens PH, Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus S-308, S-311 Prior to 05/20/2005
Shem Creek Charleston Enterococci MD-071, SC1, SC2, SC3 06/01/2016


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