South Carolina Immunization Registry Regulation

In May 2013, the South Carolina General Assembly approved Regulation 61-120 , implementing a mandatory S.C. Immunization Registry.

All immunization providers will be required under the law to report all administered immunizations. Mandatory reporting will be phased-in over three years beginning January 1, 2014, following an age-based, implementation schedule outlined in the regulation. As of January 1, 2017, all immunizations administered in S.C. must be reported to the statewide immunization registry.

If you are an immunization provider in South Carolina, you are required to register with the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control. You may register as an individual immunization provider, or as a facility or other entity provider (i.e., under an entity name or individual provider name). You may also register each specific location or just register once for multiple locations. If you are a health care provider who does not administer any immunizations, you may still register in order to use the registry to retrieve immunization information on your patients. Registration is a simple process.

A statewide registry or Immunization Information System (IIS) has benefits for both the patient and the provider. A registry consolidates the vaccination history for patients who visit multiple providers. Having all immunizations in one system reduces over and under immunization. Listed below are methods for reporting to the immunization registry.

Direct Data Entry

(Provider's individual users enter administered doses by manually keying data in the registry.)

  • Provider profile for VFC enrollment can be generated automatically.
  • On-demand printing of the South Carolina Immunization Certificate, DHEC 2740.
  • On-demand printing of the immunization administration form, which when signed, may be used in a patient's medical record to document vaccine administration.
  • Generate remind/recall lists.

Electronic Data Submission

(Provider submits data from Electronic Health Record [EHR] to the registry.)

  • Requires practice to have an HL7-capable EHR.
  • Requires practice or EHR vendor to establish an interface with the registry.
  • Eliminates dual-entry.

South Carolina Health Information Exchange (SCHIEx)

(Provider submits immunization data through SCHIEx to the registry.)

  • Another agency offers a method of data exchange with the immunization registry.
  • Visit SCHIEx for more information on this method.

Other methods of reporting may be used only with DHEC approval. If you are unable to report using any of the three methods above, please contact us.
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