Drug Control Renewals

SC Controlled Substances Act Eliminates Registration Grace Period

Changes to the South Carolina Code of Laws Section 44-53-280 (C & D) were effective May 18, 2018.

Renewal Applications

Do NOT use the 'New Registration Application' forms provided elsewhere on this website as they will not be processed. Applications for renewal are mailed out 45 days prior to the expiration date, to the last address listed in our database.

MDs, DOs and EMS Units: Renewal applications for these registrations are mailed during the third week of July.  Registrations must be renewed by October 1.

DMD, DDS, DVM, OD, APRN, PA-C, Pharmacies and All Other Registrants: Renewal applications for these registrations are mailed during the third week of January. Registrations must be renewed by April 1.

Renewal applications must be submitted by regular US Postal mail to the address on the application. To allow adequate time for processing, we recommend that you submit the renewal application at least 10 days prior to the expiration date.

IMPORTANT: We do not have an online renewal process. The link below is a .pdf document that must be submitted by mail.

If you have not received a renewal application, you may print a duplicate at the link below.

Renewal Application

What If My Registration Expires?

The registration of a registrant who fails to renew by April first or October first, whichever is applicable, is canceled.

In order to reinstate an expired registration, a new application must be submitted with a payment of the registration fee plus a $100 penalty fee. Visit DHEC's New Registrations page. All applications must be submitted via regular US Postal mail to the Bureau of Financial Management. Processing time is approximately 12-15 business days.

Providers are not authorized to prescribe, administer, possess or dispense controlled substances until their SC Controlled Substances Registration is reinstated.


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