Body Piercing Exceptions

  • If your facility registered with DHEC before May 24, 2002, you do not have to modify square footage in the procedure room as required in Section 103.D. of the regulation.
  • If the scope and content of a first aid training course is equivalent to that offered by the American Red Cross, training from that course (as evidenced by certificate) which is approved by DHEC, will meet the intent of the standards and is acceptable in lieu of American Red Cross First Aid Training. Currently, only the courses listed below have been approved by DHEC:
    • American Heart Association First Aid Training
    • American Red Cross First Aid Training
    • State (S.C.) Technical College System First Aid Training
    • American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) First Aid Training

Official notice: American Red Cross First Aid Training (Replaces PWE of 10/27/03) (PS-R109-20041229) (pdf)


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