Body Piercing Investigations

When our staff receives a credible complaint about your facility involving possible violations of S.C.'s regulations on body piercing, we will investigate. Our investigation may include an inspection of your facility without prior notice.

If we determine that your facility is not complying with S.C. body piercing regulations, you will be required to submit an acceptable written plan of correction explaining:

  • The actions taken to correct each cited deficiency;
  • The actions taken to prevent recurrences (actual and similar);
  • The actual or expected completion dates of those actions.

The plan must be signed by the facility's administrator and returned by the date specified on the report of inspection or investigation

Reports are Public Record

Reports of our inspections or investigations, including the facility response, will be made available upon request (with names redacted). Currently, citizens must file a Freedom of Information request to obtain copies of the reports.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Your permit can be revoked at any time if you fail to comply with body piercing laws and regulations.

Without a permit, you cannot operate your business.


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