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Diabetes Prevention & Control

12th Annual Chronic Disease Prevention Winter Symposium: Integrated Chronic Disease Prevention and Management: Taking Action Together


Health Systems

The DHEC Diabetes Division’s Health Systems efforts are directed towards preventing complications, disabilities and burden associated with diabetes. Priority populations are African American and Hispanic/Latino, as well as the elderly.

The Diabetes Division, in collaboration with partner organizations, offers timely information on evidence-based diabetes prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and control by means of professional education sessions, symposia, and support of recognized diabetes self-management education programs. The Division partners with DHEC’s Divisions of Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention and Tobacco Prevention & Control, the statewide Diabetes Advisory Council, the Diabetes Initiative of SC, the Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence, the Quality Improvement Network, SC Primary Health Care Association, and the SC Hospital Association.

The statewide Diabetes Advisory Council, in collaboration with the Diabetes Initiative of SC, has developed South Carolina Guidelines for Diabetes Care to provide uniform care for people living with diabetes in South Carolina. With assistance from partners, these will be widely disseminated to both providers of care and professional organizations.

The following programs are offered or supported by the Diabetes Division:

  • Annual Clinical Network Retreat and Quarterly Clinical Meetings of the SC Primary Health Care Association
  • Annual Diabetes Fall Symposium for Primary Health Care Professionals in collaboration with the Medical University of SC and the Diabetes Initiative of South Carolina and other partners
  • Annual Evidence-Based Diabetes/Heart Disease and Stroke Winter Symposium in collaboration with the Division of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, SC DHEC
  • Promotes diabetes self-management education classes for people with diabetes
  • Quality Improvement Project in collaboration with the SC Primary Health Care Association and the Federally Qualified Health Centers

For more information on health systems, please call 803-545-4487.