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The Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant

The Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant (PHHSBG) provides supplementary federal funding for public health programs in South Carolina. Every two years, a PHHSBG Advisory Committee evaluates the state Work Plan and allocates funding. The amount of money available varies from year to year. PHHS Block Grant dollars currently help pay for three types of health programs: Sexual Assault Preventionm, Emergency Medical Services and Health Promotion.

Sexual Assault Prevention (HO # IPV-40): funds the Sexual Assault Prevention Program and supports the personnel cost of 1 hourly full time equivalent position, and associated operational cost.  The efforts of this staff member are focused on helping assure effective and efficient operations of the state’s Sexual Assault Centers, and increasing the number of the state's population who are informed and educated regarding the issue of domestic violence and rape prevention. 

Emergency Medical Services  (HO # AHS-8): funds 1 full time equivalent position and associated operational cost. The staff provides essential public health functions such as inspecting service operators for equipment and treatment protocols and inspecting ambulance vehicles for mandatory equipment and sanitation standards for EMS services. 

Health Promotion (HO # ECBP-11): funds Health Promotion program efforts and supports the personnel cost of approximately 6.0 full time equivalent positions and their associated operational cost. The Health Promotion Program works to ensure the public health regional staff and community partners utilize culturally appropriate and evidence-based environmental and system change strategies directed at the State's leading causes of death and their associated health risk factors primarily in the areas of obesity, physical inactivity and poor nutrition. 

The grant application is prepared under federal guidelines, which require that states use funds for activities directed toward the achievement of the National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives in Healthy People 2020.

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Contact Information:
L. Owens Goff, Jr., PHHS Block Grant State Program Coordinator
Phone: (803) 545-4483