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School Health

South Carolina Healthy Schools Working Together for Health and Learning
The Office of Healthy Schools focuses on improving the academic achievement and health of school age children and youth, school faculty, staff and communities by providing training, technical assistance and resources for schools to become health promoting environments and improve academic success of their students. Healthy schools provide prevention programs, services and an environment that promotes healthy behaviors and helps students and school personnel reduce and avoid those key risk behaviors that lead to chronic and acute diseases, infections, disabilities and injuries. We strive to ensure that school health issues are addressed across all program areas within the agency and encourage strong involvement of the community and local businesses in partnerships to improve adolescent and school health. Our efforts support the Centers for Disease Control’s eight-component model of Coordinated School Health Programming.

image of student writingAddressing the health and risk behaviors of school children will ultimately improve the health status of the citizens of South Carolina. In healthy schools, our children and youth can learn strategies to improve self-esteem, avoid poor health and behavioral choices, and adopt healthy lifestyles with the hope of preventing academic failure, poor health outcomes and chronic diseases. Children who begin their day as a healthy individual learn more effectively and are more likely to complete their formal education than those children who don’t have healthy lifestyles.

For additional information contact:
Jay Daniels, MPH
Coordinator, SC Healthy Schools Program