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Health Facilities Construction

Fire and Life Safety - Frequent Violations

Community Residential Care Facilities

  • An unannounced fire drill shall be conducted at least quarterly for all shifts. Each staff member/volunteer shall participate in a fire drill at least once each year. Records of drills shall be maintained at the facility, indicating the date, time, shift, description, and evaluation of the drill, and the names of staff members/volunteers and residents directly involved in responding to the drill. 61-84-1504-A
  • Fire extinguishers shall be sized, located, installed, and maintained in accordance with NFPA No. 10, except that portable fire extinguishers intended for use in resident sleeping areas shall be of the 2-A, 2-1/2 gallon, stored-pressure water type. 61-84-2201-A
  • All resident room doors shall be solid-core; facilities licensed for six beds or more shall have 20-minute doors with closures. 61-84-2705-J

Hospitals & Surgery Centers

  • Fire rated doors failing to achieve a positive latch.
  • Oxygen cylinders not properly secured.
  • Electrical violations.