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Bureau of Disease Control

Official Child Care and School Exclusion Lists of Contagious or Communicable Diseases

In an effort to help protect well children from unnecessary exposure to contagious or infectious diseases, South Carolina Regulation 61-20 was passed in July 2002.  It requires children and staff with certain diseases and conditions to stay home from school or out-of-home childcare while contagious.

DHEC is required to publish lists of these diseases and conditions.  These lists are called Exclusion Lists.  Exclusion Lists explain how long an ill child or childcare employee should stay out of school or childcare, and what is needed before the child or childcare employee is permitted to return.

The School Exclusion List applies to children in 1st through 12th grades who have not been identified as medically fragile.

The Childcare Exclusion List applies to

  • Children in out-of-home childcare, including after-school care,
  • Children in 3-, 4-, or 5-year-old kindergarten,
  • Students in grades 1-12 who have been identified by their schools as “medically fragile”, and to
  • Employees working in out-of-home childcare.

We hope that your child never has to miss school or stay out of childcare because of illness or disease.  The best protection from disease is prevention. You can help prevent many illnesses by making sure your child receives immunizations on time, and by teaching your child to wash his or her hands often.

If you have any questions about the School or Childcare Exclusion Lists or about ways to help children stay healthy, please call your child’s childcare provider, school or your local health department.

Information for Parents

DHEC has also prepared printable versions of the school and childcare exclusion lists.

Information for Schools and Childcare Providers

Updated February 19, 2014