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Oral Health

Head Start Oral Health Tool Kit

Head Start Oral Health Tool KitThis Oral Health Toolkit contains practical information and resources to assist Head Start programs in meeting their performance standards in the area of oral health and in planning and implementing interventions that promote oral health for children and families enrolled in Early Head Start/Head Start programs.  The information and materials within this Tool Kit are designed to support and strengthen existing program goals and objectives. This resource was developed in conjunction with and was funded by the Office of Head Start/American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) Dental Home Initiative September 2007-September 2010.  As of October 2010, this initiative is being led by the National Head Start Association (NHSA).

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Section 1

Overview (pdf)
A basic description of the dental home initiative including tips for strengthening oral health outreach and programming within the Early Head Start and Head Start Center.

Section 2

Educational Materials for Parents (pdf)
These are reproducible oral health information sheets for parents of infants through school age children including children with special needs. The sheets are designed to be easy to understand and topic specific. The most effective way to use these sheets is to make copies based on the needs of the children that a program serves and distribute to parents on an ongoing basis.

Section 3

Information on Available Resources
DHEC’s Division of Oral Health has many resources that are available to enhance the outreach of efforts of the childcare provider. Some of the resources that are included in this section are detailed below:

First Birthday Card (pdf)This campaign is designed to increase the awareness of new parents on the importance of Protect Your Child’s Smile 11x17 Posterbeginning oral health care for their infant no later than their child’s first birthday. The dual language card could be distributed to parents through medical and dental providers, Early Head Start programs and WIC to encourage them to brush their child’s teeth and take them to the dentist by age one.

Protect Your Child’s Smile 11x17 Poster—This poster clearly conveys why baby teeth are important and how two minutes of tooth time two times a day can protect a child’s mouth! It would be a good poster for use in a Head Start Center as well as an effective outreach tool for medical and dental providers.

Avoid the Baby Bottle Blues 11x17 PosterAvoid the Baby Bottle Blues 11x17 Poster—This poster addresses in an effective and colorful way how to properly use the baby bottle. One key message is to only put breast milk, formula or water in a bottle. It would be a good poster for use in a Head Start Center as well as an effective outreach tool for medical and dental providers.

Order Form for First Birthday Card and Oral Health Posters (pdf)

Oral Health Puppet Show for Schools and Head Start Centers - Flora and Floppy go to the Dentist is a 20 minute interactive puppet show for children ages 3-8. The Columbia Marionette Puppet show is designed to engage and entertain preschool and school-age children while teaching them key messages about how to maintain good dental health.

Sample Templates for Early Head Start/Head Start Programs (pdf)

These samples were submitted by Head Start programs and can serve as starting points for programs as they design their own forms and materials that meet their individual needs.

Early Head Start: Child Health Record: Screenings, Physical Examination and Assessment Form—This sample form is used to notify a parent about needed dental follow-up or treatment.

Contractual Agreement Sample—This is a sample form that could be used to set up a relationship/agreement between an Early Head Start/Head Start Center and a dental provider. It can be adapted to reflect the needs of the center and the provider. A sample of a Termination of Agreement is also included.

Notice to Parents Regarding Follow up Treatment—This simple form is used to notify parents that follow-up treatment is needed.

Section 4

Supplemental Resources

SC Takes Action: Oral Health for the Young Child (pdf) - This document is based on established guidelines produced by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of Pediatrics and other key professional organizations such as the American Dental Association, Bright Futures, and the Society of Family Medicine. The document, primarily focused on ages 0-3, provides the foundation for a collaborative, community approach to improve the oral health status of South Carolina’s young children.

Dental Care Before, During and After Pregnancy (pdf) - A downloadable patient focused flier that details the importance of good dental care before, during and after pregnancy. It would be a good flier to distribute to expectant mothers and new mothers through the Head Start Center as well as an effective resource for medical and dental providers.

Section 5

Reference Charts and Multi-media Resources

How to Respond to a Dental Emergency (pdf) —This useful chart gives the childcare provider/parent a quick way to respond to common dental emergencies. The chart would be a good item to post inside the classroom. It could be a useful addition to the Center’s first aid kit and first aid procedures.

Bright Futures Pocket Guide—This 3rd Edition Pocket Guide summarizes each visit in a handy pocket-sized, 4- by 7-inch guide. With all the essentials, one easy reference summarizes each visit—developmental observation, physical exam, medical screening, immunizations, and anticipatory guidance. It includes four all-new appendices—medical Going to the Dentist: An Usborne First Experiences Bookscreening tables, resources, screening tools, and sample scripts.

Going to the Dentist: An Usborne First Experiences Book
This book for young children describes in an amusing and fun way what happens when you go to the dentist.

Brush, Brush, Brush: Rookie Toddler SeriesBrush, Brush, Brush: Rookie Toddler Series
This board book features rhythmic interactive text along withbright and energetic full-color illustrations that depict readiness concepts and encourage young children to take care of their teeth.