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Oral Health

DHEC School Dental Prevention Programs

2012 South Carolina Oral Health Screening program
Learn more about this simple visual dental assessment of kindergarten and 3rd grade students from randomly selected schools across the state. The screening is done every 5 years to help give DHEC a snapshot of the state’s oral health needs.

Public Health Manual: SC DHEC School-Based Dental Prevention Program (pdf)
The manual provides the dental programs that enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with DHEC with clearly state expectations and standards for the DHEC School-Based Dental Program.

SC DHEC School Dental Prevention Program Informational Flyer (ML-025295) (pdf)
This is information for parents of children in schools served by the DHEC School Dental Prevention Program. It describes how the program works and the importance of preventing tooth decay.

SC DHEC School Dental Prevention Programs Contact List

Resources for School-Based Dental Programs

Impact and Value: Telling Your Program’s Story
This workbook includes sample data collection tools that can be used to create success stories that highlight their program’s achievements.

Healthy Communities Success Stories
This site provides a worksheet and sample success stories to assist you in developing your success story.

Seal America: The Prevention Intervention
This manual (2007, revised 2011 )This online manual is designed to assist health professionals initiate and implement a school-based dental sealant program to help prevent dental caries in children.

Mobile Portable Dental Manual
This is a manual on how to create an effective mobile or portable dental clinic, based on experience by the Cincinnati (Ohio) Health Department.