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Office of Minority Health

South Carolina’s Minority Population

Racial and Ethnic Classifications Background
United States Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Standards for data on race and ethnicity

S.C. Population 2010

Population Growth

The entire population of South Carolina has increased by 15.3% since 2000. The majority of this growth has been in the racial/ethnic minority population groups. Roughly 1.6 million South Carolinians, or nearly 35% of the state's population, belong to racial and ethnic minority groups. Even though African Americans make up the majority of the minority population (27.9), the Hispanic/Latino population has increased significantly by 148% since the 2000 census. Individuals of Hispanic/Latino origin now make up 5.1% of the state’s minority population. Each racial and ethnic minority group is internally diverse--within each major group you can find subgroups with different languages, cultures or backgrounds. Most Hispanic/Latinos residing in South Carolina are from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central America and Colombia.