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Taking Charge in Meadowland Tool Kit“Taking Charge in Meadowland” Tool Kit

Tool Kit Includes:

  • Taking Charge in Meadowland Play
  • Interactive Play Activity List
  • Activity Packet I
  • Activity Packet II
  • Activity Packet III
  • Activity Packet IV
  • Taking Charge of Our Health Pledge Poster
  • More Matters poster
  • 20 fruit and vegetable cards
  • Play Stickers

Additional Materials Needed:

  • 40 Velcro stickers
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Jump Rope
  • Sticker Paper

Taking Charge in Meadowland Play:

"This is the adventure of two mice, Hugo and Chloe, as told by the storyteller, Miguel. Growing up in Meadowland, Chloe and Hugo have many great times playing, laughing, and going to school together. One day, Chloe notices that Hugo doesn’t want to play and has no energy. Chloe is worried about her best friend. She decides she must do everything she can to help Hugo see that he has to take charge of his health or else! And Chloe is going to need your help to save Hugo.”

This play is designed to work in conjunction with various activity packs.  Prompts are given throughout the play that direct the viewer to the appropriate activity pack.

A TV schedule of the play is currently available for schools at (search Meadowland).

Teacher’s Instructions
This sheet provides general instructions on the use of the tool kit.

Interactive Play Activity List
This sheet provides instructions on each activity pack and estimates the time it takes to do the activities.   It is to be used as a guide for the teaching kit.

Activity Pack I:
Activity Pack I: K-1
Activity Pack I: 2-3
Activity 1 Pre-Post Test
Activity Pack I is to be used at the end of Scene I.  This activity focuses on the difference between healthy and unhealthy lifestyles.  Students are asked to identify healthy and unhealthy lifestyles of characters in the play as well as healthy and unhealthy foods.  Activity pack I also contains bonus material involving the USDA’s “My Pyramid for Kids.”

Activity Pack II:
Activity Pack II: Pre-K
PreK Intro
Recipe Sheets
Nutrition Super Star
How to Cut A Mango
How to Cut A Pineapple
Fruit and Veggie Tasting Activities
Fruit and Veggie Pictures
Activity Pack II: K-1
Activity Pack II: 2-3
Activity 2 Pre-Post Test
Activity Pack II, to be performed in the middle of Scene II, focuses on fruit and vegetable identification.  The pack includes worksheets and is designed to be used with the More Matters poster and 20 fruit and vegetable cards.

More Matters poster and 20 fruit and vegetable cards:
Fruit Poster
Fruis and Vegetable Pieces
Velcro stickers can be used for this activity by applying one side of the Velcro to the More Matters poster and the other side of the Velcro on the back of each fruit and vegetable card.  Students can then Velcro the selected fruits and vegetables cards to the corresponding colors on the poster.

Activity Pack III:
Activity Pack III: K-1
Activity Pack III: 2-3
Activity 3 Pre-Post Test
Activity Pack III is to be performed at the end of Scene II, moderation is the focus of the activities included in Activity Pack III.  The sheets included with Activity Pack III demonstrate a number of different examples that can be used to display appropriate serving sizes.  Measuring spoons should be used in conjunction with this activity.

Activity Pack IV:
Activity Pack IV: K-1
Activity Pack IV: 2-3
Activity 4 Pre-Post Test
Activity Pack IV is to be completed during Scene IV. Physical activity is its focus.  A 15-Day Physical Activity Calendar is included with Activity Pack IV; this can be used to track a class’s progress incorporating fun and new physical activity into their daily routine.  A jump rope can be used as a visual to show kids a fun way to be active every day.

Taking Charge Rap
A copy of the rap performed at the end of the play is provided for the children to remember the importance of the play and why they need to take charge of their health.

Taking Charge of Our Health Pledge Poster:
At the end of the play the Pledge Poster can be used for a single or a series of class promises that promote healthier lifestyles. The pledges may encourage children to increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables, practice moderation, or be physically active every day.

Please Note:  The Interactive DVD Activity List, Activity Packet I, Activity Packet II, Activity Packet III, and Activity Packet IV all contain a pre and post test.  These are to be used as an evaluation tool; increased accuracy on post tests illustrates the effectiveness of the individual activity pack, as well as Taking Charge in Meadowland as a whole.  Activity Packets are available for Kindergarten through 1st grades and 2nd through 3rd grades.

Play Stickers
Stickers can be used to decorate the materials or to hand out to students.  The stickers can be printed on Crack N Peel Sticker Paper and cut.