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Radiological Health - Indoor Tanning

Opening a Tanning Salon in S.C.? Register with DHEC

If you are planning to open a new indoor tanning salon in South Carolina, you must first register your equipment with S.C. DHEC's Bureau of Radiological Health. You must be granted a facility registration number before you begin operating your tannning equipment.

Your facility must:

  • Fill out DHEC’s Tanning Equipment Registration Form (DHEC Form #0826) (pdf)
  • Mail the completed form to us along with a one-time $50 registration application fee (make checks payable to S.C. DHEC).

    Send the completed registration form and application fee to:

    S.C. DHEC
    Bureau of Radiological Health
    Att: Tanning Regulation
    2600 Bull Street
    Columbia, SC 29201

When we receive your application and $50 registration fee, we will:

  • Stamp it as ‘received’
  • Assign your facility a registration number
  • Process your $50 application fee
  • Mail you a copy of the registration form along with your registration number
  • Keep your registration information on file in DHEC’s Bureau of Radiological Health.

S.C. Indoor Tanning Equipment Registration Form (DHEC 0826) (pdf)

For additional information, contact DHEC's Bureau of Radiological Health at (803) 545-4400.