Pee Dee Coastal Frontage

The Pee Dee Coastal Frontage Basin is located in Horry and Georgetown Counties, and encompasses 2 watersheds and 358 square miles. This coastal frontage drains directly into the Atlantic Ocean. The Coastal Basin incorporates the Lower Coastal Plain and Coastal Zone regions. Of the 228,914 acres, 59.2% is water, 14.7% is urban land, 8.8% is forested wetland, 6.7% is forested land, 5.2% is nonforested wetland, 3.5% is agricultural land, 1.2% is barren land, and 0.7% is scrub/shrub land. The urban land percentage is comprised chiefly of the Cities of Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach. There are approximately 92 stream miles in this basin, 155 acres of lake waters, and 3,521 acres of estuarine areas. The Little River flows back and forth across the SC/NC state line forming a portion of the AIWW and draining to the Atlantic Ocean through the Little River Inlet. The Grand Strand Beaches and their swashes all drain to the Atlantic in this watershed, as does Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Inlet, and North Inlet and their tributaries.

For an overview of water quality in the Pee Dee Coastal Frontage Watershed, download the water quality assessment summary . For specific basin descriptions, facts, figures, and detailed maps click on a watershed below.

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