Salkehatchie River

The Salkehatchie River Basin (a portion of hydrologic unit 03050207) is located in Barnwell, Bamberg, Allendale, Hampton, and Colleton Counties, and encompasses 1,023 square miles that extends across the Upper and Lower Coastal Plain and Coastal Zone regions of the State. The Salkehatchie River Basin encompasses 6 watersheds and 654,449 acres, of which 43.7% is forested land, 25.6% is agricultural land, 26.0% is forested wetland, 4.7% is urban land, 0.7% is nonforested wetland, and 0.2% is water. There are approximately 2,354 stream miles and 3,566 acres of lake waters in this basin.

The Salkehatchie River originates near the City of Barnwell and accepts drainage from Whippy Swamp before merging with the Little Salkehatchie River (Lemon Creek) to form the Combahee River.

For an overview of water quality in the Salkehatchie River Watershed, download the water quality assessment summary . For specific basin descriptions, facts, figures, and detailed maps click on a watershed below.

Salkehatchie River

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