Santee River Basin Watershed

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The Santee River Basin incorporates 26 watersheds and some 2.9 million acres within the State of South Carolina. Within the Department's Santee River Basin are the Santee River Basin and the Ashley River/ Cooper River Basin. The Santee River Basin extends across the Upper and Lower Coastal Plain regions and into the Coastal Zone region. There are approximately 1,406 stream miles, 154,853 acres of lake waters, and 18,335 acres of estuarine areas in the basin.

For basin descriptions, facts, figures, and detailed maps download the complete Santee Watershed Water Quality Assessment document or click on a specific watershed below:

Santee River - 03050111, 03050112 , Ashley/Cooper Rivers - 03050201, 03050202

Santee River BasinSantee RiverAshley/Cooper Rivers


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