Savannah River Basin Watershed

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The Savannah River Basin is subdivided into 34 watersheds or hydrologic units within South Carolina, which include the Tugaloo River/Seneca River Basin, the Upper Savannah River Basin, and the Lower Savannah River Basin. The Tugaloo River/Seneca River Basin is subdivided into 12 watersheds and includes The Chattooga River, the Tugaloo River, Lake Jocassee, the Keowee River, Lake Keowee, the Little River, Twelvemile Creek, Coneross Creek, Eighteenmile Creek, Six and Twenty Creek, Lake Hartwell, and the Seneca River. The Upper Savannah River Basin is subdivided into 6 watersheds and includes the Savannah River, Lake Hartwell, the Rocky River, Lake Russell, the Little River, Lake Thurmond, and Long Cane Creek. he Lower Savannah River Basin is subdivided into 16 watersheds and includes the Savannah River, Stevens Creek Reservoir, Horse Creek, Hollow Creek, Upper Three Runs, Lower Three Runs, Stevens Creek, Turkey Creek, Great Swamp, the New River, the May River, and Calibougue Sound.

For basin descriptions, facts, figures, and detailed maps download the complete Savannah Watershed Water Quality Assessment document or click on a specific watershed below. To learn more about the factors included in the Saluda Watershed document, download the Factors Assessed in Watershed Evaluations .

Tugaloo/Seneca Rivers - 03060101, 03060102
Upper Savannah River - 03060103
Lower Savannah River - 03060106, 03060107,03060109, 03060110

Saluda River BasinUpper Savannah River BasinTugaloo/Seneca RiversLower Savannah River Basin

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