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Welcome to the South Carolina Immunization Provider Access System (SCIPAS)
New Immunization Law Requirement

All immunization providers will be required under the new Regulation 61-120 to report all administered immunizations to the South Carolina Immunization Registry.

In SCI PAS, immunization providers may register as an individual immunization provider or as a facility or other entity provider, i.e., under an entity name or individual provider name. You may also register each specific location or once for multiple locations.

Creating a SCI PAS Account to Register:

If you do not have a SCI PAS account, please click on “Establish a New Account” . In addition to contact information, you will be providing practice/facility FEI number and NPI and license numbers for all providers in your practice or facility.

Registering through an Existing SCI PAS User Account:

If you are a VFC immunization provider, you already have a SCI PAS account. Please log in to SCI PAS to complete the registration for the immunization registry. Once you have logged in, select “Account” from the upper tab and “Registry Status” from the lower tab.

Immunization Registry Survey

Please complete an optional SURVEY to provide more detailed information to us about your reporting method.