Tyger River

The Tyger River Basin (hydrologic unit 03050107) is located in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Union Counties, and encompasses 807.9 square miles extending across the Piedmont region of the State. The Tyger River encompasses 6 watersheds and 517,065 acres, of which 55.7% is forested land, 25.7% is agricultural land, 12.9% is urban land, 3.0% is forested wetland, 1.1% is barren land, 0.9% is water, and 0.7% is scrub/shrub land. The urban land percentage is comprised chiefly of the City of Greer and portions of the Cities of Spartanburg and Union.

There are approximately 973.4 stream miles and 2,889.2 acres of lake waters in the Tyger River Basin. The Tyger River is formed by the confluence of the South Tyger River, the Middle Tyger River, and the North Tyger River near the City of Woodruff and accepts drainage from Fairforest Creek before flowing into the Broad River.

For an overview of water quality in the Tyger River Watershed, download the water quality assessment summary . For specific basin descriptions, facts, figures, and detailed maps click on a watershed below.

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