Wateree River

The Wateree River Basin (hydrologic unit 03050104) is located in Fairfield, Kershaw, Sumter, Richland, Lancaster, and Lee Counties, and encompasses 1,257 square miles that extend across the Piedmont, Sandhills, and Upper Coastal Plain regions of South Carolina. The Wateree River Basin encompasses 4 watersheds and some 800,000 acres of which 56.4% is forested land, 18.1% is agricultural land, 15.2% is forested wetland, 6.8% is urban land, 2.3% is water, 0.7% is barren land, and 0.5% is nonforested wetland. There are a total of 2,728.9 stream miles and 15,946.7.8 acres of lake waters in the Wateree River Basin.

The Catawba River joins Big Wateree Creek to form the Wateree River, which flows through Lake Wateree. Grannies Quarter Creek and Sawneys Creek flow into the Wateree River downstream of Lake Wateree. Twentyfive Mile Creek and Big Pine Tree Creek enter the river near the City of Camden, followed by Swift Creek, Spears Creek, and Colonels Creek before merging with the Congaree River Basin to form the Santee River Basin.

For an overview of water quality in the Wateree River Watershed, download the Wateree water quality assessment summary . For specific basin descriptions, facts, figures, and detailed maps click on a watershed below:

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