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School Flu Vaccine Clinics

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, VaxCare Corporation and many local school districts across our state are partnering to offer flu vaccines to school children beginning in September 2014.

Benefits of getting the flu vaccine in school:

No extra doctor's visit!

Protects Your Child
The flu vaccine is the best way to protect your child from the flu.

Fewer Days of Missed School and Work
If your child stays healthy during flu season, you'll both have fewer absences.

No Cost or Low Cost
If your child has:

  • Medicaid: the flu vaccine will be offered at no cost to you.
  • No health insurance: you will receive a bill for $13.
  • Private health insurance: your insurance company will be billed. If your insurance company does not pay for the flu vaccine, you will receive a bill for no more than $30.
School flu vaccine clinic documents and forms
Important information for parents:

After you return the Parent Consent Form to your child's school, please contact us before the scheduled vaccination clinic if you notice any of the following:

  • There are any changes in your child's health.
  • Your child receives an antiviral medication 48 hours or less before the school vaccination clinic date.
  • Your child receives any vaccine less than 28 days before the school vaccination clinic date.
  • You decide you no longer want your child to receive the flu vaccine at school.

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