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For Vendors: 

DHEC’s Vendor Unit

Our Vendor Support Unit's activities are designed to ensure the WIC Program goals are met.  This is accomplished by ensuring that the established procedures for redeeming WIC food instruments are met by the more than 700 approved vendors, including grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as program participants.

The program provides specific nutritious foods in quantities tailored to meet the needs of the participant.  Participants obtain the foods by use of WIC Food Instruments (Checks and Cash Value Vouchers) in grocery stores and pharmacies that are approved to accept WIC Food Instruments.  The grocery stores and pharmacies that agree to participate in the program are called WIC Vendors.  WIC Vendors play an important role in helping to improve the health of South Carolinians.  If WIC Check redemption transactions occur according to procedures, participants are best able to realize the full benefit from the program.

The State WIC Office authorizes only a sufficient number and distribution of vendors to assure reasonable participant convenience and access, and to permit effective management of the program.  The SC WIC Program through its vendor selection process is committed to providing adequate service to participants at the lowest possible cost.

Each authorized Vendor is to enter into an agreement with South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.  To view a sample copy of the agreement, follow this link to the SC-WIC Agreement. (pdf).

For information you may call 1-800-922-4406 or email us at

Download the WIC Vendor Manual (pdf).

Approved Foods

Each year, DHEC uses federal requirments to develop  a list of foods that WIC participants can select and purchase using WIC funding.

The WIC Food Products Specifications (pdf) brochure below contains criteria and guidelines we use to provide a standard method of approving foods.

WIC Food Products Specifications Cover

Important Dates

  • March 1 – Deadline to submit food products for consideration . Send submissions to
  • May – DHEC conducts the food product review and evaluation
  • October 1 – WIC Food Guide containing the approved food items becomes available.


  • Food products must be commercially available in South Carolina for 1 year prior to eligibility consideration with no distribution, recall or documented health problems.
  • Food products must comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws.
  • All foods must comply with FDA Standards of Identity as explained in the Code of Federal Regulations.

For more information, contact one of DHEC's local public health departments. See a brief description of the work performed by our WIC program.