Immunization Registry

Immunization Registry Overview
The Immunization Registry for the State of South Carolina is mandated in the SC Code Section 44-29-40 (B) Regulation 61-120.  As such, the Immunization Registry consolidates the vaccination history for patients who visit multiple providers and protects the public from over- or under-immunization.
The Meaningful Use program offers an Immunization Registry Reporting measure under the Public Health Reporting objective.  The information must be sent in HL7 2.5.1 standard between healthcare information systems and DHEC.  Data submission and analysis is coordinated at the state health department (DHEC).

Immunization Registry Reporting Criteria and Standards
DHEC currently accepts Immunization Registry messages from all certified immunization providers.  This includes the following provider types:

  • Eligible Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals
  • Eligible Providers

DHEC currently accepts Immunization Registry messages for the following Meaningful Use stages:

  • Modified Stage 2 (through 2017)

DHEC currently accepts Immunization Registry messages in the following standard format:

  • HL7 v2.5.1

Key Documents
The following documents provide guidance for health care organizations seeking to send Immunization Registry messages to DHEC.

For additional information or questions regarding the Immunization Registry, please send an email to .

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