International Travel

Who provides foreign travel immunizations?

See a list of Yellow Fever immunization providers in South Carolina (CDC) .

How can I protect myself from Ebola while traveling?

Visit the CDC's Traveler's Health website for the latest advisories and guidance on Ebola.

Where can I find information regarding antimalarial medications?

Read information about antimalaria medications (CDC).

As a travel medicine clinic offering all kinds of vaccinations (including one for yellow fever) how can we be listed on your site as a yellow fever vaccination provider?

Yellow Fever vaccine providers must receive authorization from DHEC's State Epidemiologist. This is the procedure:

  1. The requesting physician (must be a S.C. licensed physician) must send a letter of request to the DHEC State Epidemiologist, Bureau of Disease Control, Box 101106, Columbia, S.C. 29211. The letter should request authorization to become a Yellow Fever vaccine provider in S.C. and include the physician's license number and contact information.

  2. Upon approval, the Immunization Division requisitions that a Yellow Fever stamp be created (stamp usually ready in two weeks).

  3. Once the stamp is received in the Immunization Division, the provider's identifying information is added to the CDC Yellow Fever Web site

  4. DHEC's Immunization Division prepares a Yellow Fever vaccine provider starter kit that is mailed to the requesting physician.