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DHEC has a new number for appointments at local health departments.
Please call 1-855-4-SCDHEC (1-855-472-3432).

2014 BRFSS Annual Survey Results

CDC Core Questions
Results are in PDF format

Nine DHEC Regions used in 2014 (pdf)

CDC Core Questions

    1. Health Status
      1. Self-reported health
    2. Healthy Days — Health-Related Quality of Life
      1. Physically unhealthy days
      2. Mentally unhealthy days
      3. Limitations due to Physically or Mentally Unhealthy Days
    3. Health Care Access
      1. Any kind of health care coverage
    4. Exercise
      1. Physical activity outside of regular job
    5. Inadequate Sleep
      1. Average hours of sleep in 24 hours
    6. Chronic Health Conditions
      1. Ever had a heart attack
      2. Ever had angina or coronary heart disease
      3. Ever had a stroke
      4. Ever had asthma
      5. Currently have asthma
      6. Ever had skin cancer
      7. Any other types of cancer
      8. Ever had COPD
      9. Ever had arthritis
      10. Ever had depression
      11. Ever had diabetes
    7. Oral Health
      1. Time since last dentist visit
    8. Demographics/Disability
      1. BMI categories
      2. Activity limitation due to health problems
      3. Special equipment
      4. Blind or difficulty seeing
      5. Difficulty concentrating
      6. Difficulty walking
      7. Difficulty bathing
      8. Difficulty doing errands
    9. Tobacco Use
      1. Current smoking status
      2. Tried to quit smoking in past year
      3. Current smokeless tobacco use
    10. Alcohol Consumption
      1. Number of days alcohol consumed in the past month
      2. Average number of drinks per day
      3. Binge drinking – men
      4. Binge drinking – women
    11. Immunization
      1. Influenza vaccine in past year
      2. Pneumonia vaccine ever
      3. Shingles or zoster vaccine ever
    12. Falls
      1. Falls in past 3 months
      2. How many falls caused injury
    13. Seatbelt Use
      1. Seatbelt use
    14. Drinking and Driving
      1. Drink and drive in past 30 days
    15. Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening
      1. Ever had mammogram
      2. Ever had clinical breast exam
      3. How long since last mammogram
      4. How long since last breast exam
      5. Ever had pap test
      6. How long since last pap
      7. Ever had hysterectomy
    16. Prostate Cancer Screening
      1. Ever had a PSA test
      2. How long since last PSA test
    17. Colorectal Cancer Screening
      1. Ever had sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy
      2. Was your last test a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy
      3. Time since last sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy
    18. HIV/AIDS
      1. Ever been tested for HIV

CDC Optional Modules

    1. Health Care Access
      1. Medicare
      2. Type of insurance coverage
      3. Number of personal health care providers
      4. Reasons for delay of medical care
      5. How long since last check up
      6. Delay of medical treatment due to cost in past 12 months
    2. Pre-diabetes
      1. Tested for high blood sugar in 3 years
      2. Ever told prediabetes
    3. Diabetes
      1. Now taking insulin
      2. Age when told diabetic
      3. Diabetes management class

State Added Questions

    1. Hypertension Awareness
      1. Ever told that you have high blood pressure
      2. Currently taking medicine for high blood pressure
    2. Adverse Childhood Experiences: Before you were 18 years of age…
      1. Live with depressed, mentally ill, or suicidal person
      2. Live with alcoholic
      3. Live with drug or prescription abuser
      4. Live with someone sentenced to serve or served time
      5. Parents divorced or separated
      6. Physical abuse among parents
      7. Physical abuse from parent to individual
      8. Verbal abuse from parent
      9. Sexual abuse – adult touch child sexually
      10. Sexual abuse – adult made child touch them sexually
      11. Sexual abuse – adult forced child to have sex